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The inaugural Fursa Challenge was successfully executed in 2020 across the country with subsequent editions being held in 2021, and 2022. Under the overarching theme Fursa Challenge Youth Advocacy, the fourth edition is geared to celebrating ways #YouthLead as agents of change for the global goals. 

Our Mandate

Educative and Interactive programs designed as per our mandate for the Youth by the youth run across the country


Intends to build & strengthen multi-sectoral coordination of YSOs at the National and County levels


We are enhancing The Participation By And Role Of The Youth In The Democratic process & all spheres.


Bringing together Youth groups, community-based organisations, NGOs, and civil society movements


Each year the National Youth Council undertakes a challenge towards International Youth Day celebrated on the 12th of August. In the year 2022, the challenge-themed Fursa In Democracy Challenge aims at enhancing the participation and role of the youth in the democratic election process. The Fursa challenge platform offers on-demand training, mentorship, partnership, and linkages to Kenyan youth.

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