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Definitely any link to rchok I'm working on how salaries are being not paid ♌. Barchok eyes on you

  • KK

    We at most times create solutions to problems, but the same problems keep evolving. What if we create a solution to poverty? Will the problems still evolve?

    well, this is the reason I founded Make a Difference Charity Forum to help reduce poverty problems among the children at the children's homes and streets.

    If you wish to support my organization, kindly check out the following poster. We are running a coin for a child fund. Any coin to be deposited in the written number on the poster. God bless.

  • GK

    Another Great Opportunity to Leverage Youth agenda and let oi ur voices heard.

  • We believe on Youth who serves at all spheres in Life, especially on environmental advocacy.

  • P

    Another opportunity for

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