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Hi. Is there a Whatsapp group?

  • What we have today in Nairobi and many other counties is a conflict of solutions (pilot-projects) as many solutions and intiatives are there to solve some of these isssues.

    But in Nairobi and many other-counties we lack the bear-minimum to hold a country or a county afloat.

    The problem ins't a lack of solutions to these pressing-matters but a framework for this solutions and intiatives to work-in for effective impact

    Everyone today has an intiative or cause somwhere in their community but the impact isn't felt on a wider-scale or isn't as effective

    Agents of change of today aren't that impactful and can only advocate in seminars and cosmetic-meetings but can't have a massive grassroot-impact

    There's a disconnect between grassroot-voices and grassroot-intiatives

  • C

    We need a Whatsapp group for the national Youth council please if there is one. Please share the link or admin create one....

  • Josphat kiptoo

    Greening east of Nairobi should be prioritized. We are living Ina concrete jungle and it's not late to add trees in our neighborhoods. To reduce the effects of Urban island heats tree cover should be added as soon as yesterday. Let's push our county admin to set aside proper budget for planting millions of trees in Eastlands. Ps. It will also create a source of livelihoods for hundreds of youths!

  • DK
    Josphat kiptoo


    Drug addiction has been a major challenge in Nairobi. Most of us are in drugs because they have been made more available in the streets and easily accessible. Youths can't import drugs and that's for sure, so the question is how does the hard drugs get into the city? Do we blame the consumer or the dealer? I think the government has bend laws concerning drugs because their's increment of supply than the consumption. Youths are already into drugs so how do we get them out? Creating of re-corectional facilities ain't helping anymore. The Law makers should revisit the constitution concerning drugs.

  • SW
    Josphat kiptoo


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