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Perfect time! i'm honoured to have landed on the platform and be part

Lets make our county a benchmark

Well, I'd thought to share some information which most of us may not be aware of. Since devolution kicked off, every county was required to develop a framework on their priorities of development achored under the county spatial plan. The good news is that our county-Nyamira is now in the draft stage. Among the key issues I have been having concerned is the role of the youth. The plan is a ten-year framework.

  • Proud to join let's make Nyamira shine Youths we must rise and fight for our space

  • Dorothy Kerubo Obwocha

    Hello. I'm new here but what's not new is my love for the youth and for this county.

  • VO

    Happy to be here,may we make Nyamira a good place to be!

  • Douglas Osoro Nyamboga
    Dorothy Kerubo Obwocha
    Enock Ombui mongare

    Youth voice matters, its our time to amplify it

  • Douglas Osoro Nyamboga
    Enock Ombui mongare


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