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Terms & Conditions



This Code of Conduct is created for the purpose of maintaining and instilling the values and culture in contributing and maintaining a positive working environment with National Youth Council (NYC) as well as the community.


NYC commits to provide the highest quality of work as an institution as well as through its affiliates and in collaboration with other stakeholders. This code of conduct applies to all volunteers and anyone working with NYC (collectively referred to as “volunteers”) whether signed or not the code of conduct shall automatically form an integral part of all NYC’S staff contracts and condition of service.


This code of conduct is built under the purview that the conduct of any volunteer reflects the best practice in terms of quality of output as well as the standards for ethical working conduct. This volunteer code of conduct shall be binding: Failure to adhere to any of the provisions set out in this code of conduct shall be a ground for disciplinary action, dismissal or even legal action. It is imperative that the volunteer reads and fully understands the contents of this code of conduct.


Roles and Responsibilities

1. Performing your volunteer role to the best of your ability in an efficient and competent way;

2. Following the NYC policies and procedures as well as any instructions or directions given; 3. Adhering to the principles set out in chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya;

4. Treating others with fairness, equality, dignity, and respect;

5.Raising concerns on any illegal conduct witnessed wrongdoing witnessed in the course of enagement with NYC;

6. Timely delivery of tasks and assignments and prompt communication where it is not feasible to deliver within a given period of time;

7. Observing decorum at all times; 8. Directing any questions and concerns regarding the program to the responsible authority/supervisor;

9. Keep and not disclose confidential information relating to documents, materials and other intellectual property accessed by the volunteer arising from and incidental to the volunteer’s interaction with NYC and it’s programs;

10.Exercising caution and care with any documents, material, device, or equipment, and at the end of their involvement with NYC returning any such documents, material device and equipment in their possession; and

11.Seeking relevant authorization before communicating on behalf of NYC.


Inappropriate Behaviors

The following are, but not limited to the enumerations below, considered behaviors that are undesirable whether offline or online:

1. Inappropriate use of sexual connotations;

2. Performing intimidating acts;

3. Direct or implied threats;

4. Blackmail;

5. Conducts of abuse or discrimination including but not limited to; Bullying or acts of threat or harm whether physical, psychological or otherwise; and discrimination based on race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, disability or injury, or status.

6. Inappropriate use of language or offensive languages;

7. Bringing NYC into disrepute including but not limited to through the use of email, print media, social media and other internet sites;

8. Providing a false or misleading statement, declaration, document, record or claim in respect of NYC its volunteers, employees or its partners;

9. Engaging in any activity that may damage property; and

10.Improperly disclosing, during or after their involvement with NYC, confidential information gained in the course of their role with NYC. Volunteers acknowledge that no employment relationship is created in the context of their role with NYC.

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